Add the points applicable to your activity

Family Unity: Add 10 pts
Work together to create a production
Service: Add 10 pts
Perform the skit for others
Education: Add 10 pts
Learn set building, acting, creativity

If your kids, or maybe the whole family, love to be silly and show off, try a fun night of drama! Whether you want to do a family talent night, skits, or a full-on Broadway Production, a night of laughs and fun can be a great way to bring the family together.

Family Talent Night

This can be a fun way to see how the kids are progressing in band, dance, cheerleading or those piano lessons you’ve paid an arm and a leg for. And it can show the kids how talented their parents are in areas they may not even know about. You may want to open it up a bit for talents such as fine art where a small gallery could be set up beforehand or sports where the talent may need to be shown off outside. For that little ham, they could wear a suit jacket or snazzy dress, grab a karaoke machine, and have them be the announcer at the event. You could even set up theater curtains using shower curtains or a blanket draped over a pole.


Young children will enjoy doing short skits using their favorite nursery rhyme, song, or fairy tale. You can work together to create simple costumes and props. Having a narrator may even help the story move along in case the children lose their place.

For older children or teens, they would probably prefer to create a play from scratch or using a certain theme such as bullies, outer space, love, sports, wild west, etc.

Theater Production

If you have older children and/or teens that love to be creative and outgoing, they may enjoy participating in a production of longer length. You can either work together to write an original script or change a story to fit a theater production. It may take some time to create or put together costumes, props, sets, etc.

Puppet Show

This can be a fun activity for family night and is pretty easy to set up.  The stage can be as simple as a baby gate with a blanket thrown over it.  Or you can tie a string, from two pushpins, across a doorway and throw a light blanket or sheet over it.  Then just have the kids gather up some puppets or stuffed animals, or have fun making some with popsicle sticks or paper plates.  Then just decide on a story, or come up with one, or have fun and go improv.