City Parks

Add the points applicable to your activity

Family Unity: Add 10 pts
Have fun making new memories together
Health: Add 10 pts
Walking, running, climbing, etc

Going to the Park

For a totally inexpensive way to get out of the house, get some fresh air, and maybe even some exercise.

  • Picnic – many parks have ramadas with picnic tables and even barbecue grills to set up a BBQ for the family or even invite some friends. You can reserve ramadas and park areas through your local Parks and Recreation.

  • Sports – most parks have grassy areas for sports if not complete sports facilities. Some even have horseshoes, volleyball, tetherball, tennis, racquetball, etc.

  • Water games – if you can find a park with water faucets, you could set up a game of water balloon toss or a sprinkler for the kids.

  • Fishing – urban fishing can be a fun day activity to do with the kids and less expensive than purchasing a regular fishing license.

  • Feeding Ducks – don’t forget some bread to feed the ducks. Preschoolers especially love to feed the ducks. For the younger ones, you may want to break up the bread before leaving the house to avoid whole bread slices being thrown into the water.

  • Paper Airplanes – kids love to watch their creations actually work so have fun creating some paper airplanes before leaving the house and then test them out at the local park.

  • Flying Kites – in the right season, kite flying can be a fun activity for kids of all ages.  Just make sure there are no overhead power lines at the park you want to visit.