Get the Program

If you would rather keep track of your points offline, you can still do that using the Family Activity Points software program.  (note: you will not be eligible to enter contests unless you use the online member system.)  Simply enter the activity your family did together, month & day, and choose the values that apply including:  family unity, educational, health, service, and/or spiritual.  Then set your monthly and yearly goals and decide as a family what the reward will be for accomplishing your goals.  It can be as simple as going out for ice cream or as exciting as going to a theme park!  And don’t forget to come back and check out the site since we’ll be giving away prizes too!

Simply download the zip file with the program in it, open the zip file and copy & paste the program wherever you like (on your desktop, in your program files, etc).

Then just open the program and start using it!

It’ll create a text file called “Activities – (DO NOT EDIT)” that will hold all of the information that you enter in the program. Please do not edit or delete it or you will lose the activities that you entered.