Bike Rides

Add the points applicable to your activity

Family Unity: Add 10 pts
Ride together to a certain location or just around your neighborhood
Health: Add 10 pts
Get exercise riding bicycles
Education: Add 10 pts
Learn bicycle safety, rules of the road, geography of your neighborhood/town

If you haven’t pulled the old bikes out of the shed in a while, why not take them out, do a fun family bike wash, oil up the gears and go for a ride!

Around the Yard

If you have a good size yard, that’s the safest place for little kids to ride around.  With a dirt lot, you could have fun riding over the rough terrain.

Around the Neighborhood

Don’t forget to teach kids some road safety before heading out to ride around the neighborhood and make sure to wear light clothing in the evening time.  Just decide on where you would like to go – perhaps a family or friend’s house you haven’t seen in a while.

Across Town

Better for older children and teens since you’d be best to ride in the bike lane rather than the sidewalk where pedestrians may be trying to walk.  You could make a regular errand run interesting by going by bike instead!


Find a dirt lot that allows off-roading and have fun going up and down hills and over the rough terrain.  Just make sure to remember helmets & padding.

Trick Biking

If your kids have gotten into trick biking, let them show you a few of their moves, or even teach you a thing or two!