Family History

Add the points applicable to your activity

Family Unity: Add 10 pts
Strengthen your family by searching its history and sharing family stories
Service: Add 10 pts
Help those before you that need temple work done and help those after you to have a complete family history
Education: Add 10 pts
Learn a bit of history through the eyes of those who were there
Spiritual: Add 10 pts
Feel the spirit when you learn of past experiences and hardships your ancestors endured in joining or upholding their religion.

A Family Tree

For children and those new to family history, the first step is to start with a simple family tree.  That would be you at the bottom with two lines – one for your mom and one for your dad.  Then two lines from each of them for their mother and father, and on up the line.

Searching for Ancestors

For all sorts of records and information, check out

Keeping Your Own History

Keeping a record of your own life and the family history research you have done is very important.  How much easier would it be today if all of your ancestors did the same.  Keep a journal with dates and events in your life – births, deaths, special occassions, accomplishments, and your feelings and testimony throughout.  It will mean the world to your children and grandchildren and will encourage them to keep their own records.

Don’t neglect to occasionally print out your digital photos – it is so easy to take pictures now that we have a million and two of them…of each kid…each year!  So print out a few and keep them somewhere safe.  It only takes on bolt of lightning to zap your computer and all of your memories are gone – so make sure you keep a backup and print them out!

Recording Stories from Grandparents

The most difficult thing about recording stories from your grandparents is simply finding or making the time to sit down and do it.  I suggest to perhaps do it on their birthday or other holiday where it’ll become a tradition.  They can sit down with you and tell you about different times in their lives and feel free to ask questions.  Try to get some dates if they can remember when certain things occurred.