Library & Reading

Add the points applicable to your activity

Family Unity: Add 10 pts
Work together to find books that everyone will like and read together
Service: Add 10 pts
Gain confidence to read out loud to others
Education: Add 10 pts
Learn to search for books, information in the books, learning to read
Spiritual: Add 10 pts
Religious scriptures or spiritual topic study

Reading to Infants?

Yes, you can start reading to your children as soon as they’re born.  According to, babies start to learn language through the intonations and inflections of your voice.

Which Books to Read

Here is a link to find AR books for your age and grade >>AR Bookfinder

A list of the most awarded books to receive Caldecott Medals –  to the illustrator of picture books for children

A list of the most awarded books to receive Newbery Medals – to the author of books for children

Get the kids involved

With some stories, it can be really fun to get the kids involved.  Some ask questions like “Where is baby mouse hiding?” and the kids can work together to look and answer.  For a little bit older children, you may try having them each read a page or if there are speaking parts, they can act as one of the characters.

Read to Each Other

Encourage your children to read stories to each other.  It gives them confidence to read aloud in school and helps their vocabulary, reading skills and comprehension as well when younger siblings ask questions about the stories.  I’ve even had my 3 year old read to my 4 month old – he didn’t know the exact words and can’t actually read it yet, but he knows the stories and he’ll go page by page and say what he remembers of the story from the pictures.

Hot Potato

To add a little fun, try turning reading time into hot potato.  Start reading a story and when you come to the end of a page, throw a “hot potato” to one of the kids to come up and start reading, then they throw it to someone else, etc.  If everyone is close enough to read the book from their seat, they can simply toss it around the room and each read while you hold the book and turn the pages.

Subject Scavenger Hunt

Well, I don’t suggest doing this unless you’re actually planning on checking out the books, just so we don’t drive the librarians crazy.  So perhaps you’re planning a trip to San Diego, CA and you need some information ;) Have Johnny look for history of the city.  Have Sue look for a book about marine animals.  Jared can look for a book about games to play in the car.  And Mom can look for a book about recipes for good finger foods to take on the trip while dad looks for some CD’s to listen to in the car.  Then whoever makes it back to the checkout counter with one fact or idea for the trip wins…something.

Important Subject Matter

Even toddlers can have fun looking for a book about something that has recently peeked their interest.  If they are finding that they really like trains or lizards or fish, let them pick out a book about that.  If your pre-teen wants to get a new puppy but doesn’t know the first thing about raising and taking care of one, grab one of those too.  If you ran out of ideas in the kitchen or just need to freshen up the menu to get the kids excited about lunches, grab a cool new recipe book.