You can find a variety of types, styles, and skill levels of models.  Some have less than 10 parts and just need to be put together with glue and painted.  Some are very complex and require carefully following detailed instructions. You can find metal and wood vehicles, airplanes, helicopters, boats, animals, etc.

Be sure to select your model based on your children’s ages. Young children that have a lower attention span and less dexterity may prefer a simple push-together & glue model that can be quickly painted and/or decorated. Older children would benefit from a more advanced model that requires following instructions, maybe sanding pieces down, and decorating as specified in instructions. Teens may enjoy and can learn a lot from building a model from scratch or simply a more advanced model with intricate parts and detailed instructions. As with a puzzle, this process may take several days to finish so it’s a fun project for parents and teens to work on together.

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