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Make family memories by watching fireworks together

Admit it!  You love fireworks just as much as the kids.  Cities and recreational parks usually post if/when they will be doing fireworks for different holidays.  You can make it as simple as just showing up, or you could make the night extra special and bring some blankets to lay out on, pick up some ice creams on the way, and play board games while you’re waiting.

Depending on your area, you can sometimes purchase small-scale fireworks to set off on certain holidays.  Sparklers are a family favorite because the sparks don’t have a very large range and children as young as 3 (with supervision of course) can hold them and twirl them around to make different shapes in the air with the light.

There are many, many varieties to suit your age range, location, and interests.  Some simply shoot sparks into the air while others twirl and zoom around on the ground or create colored smoke, etc.