Grocery Shopping

Add the points applicable to your activity

Family Unity: Add 10 pts
Making family decisions about item choices
Health: Add 10 pts
Choose nutritional foods, walking
Education: Add 10 pts
Learn about pricing & purchasing

A trip to the store doesn’t have to be boring and it doesn’t have to be “Mom’s job”. Bring the family and make a day of it. Let the kids pick out nutritious treats that they will actually eat. Teach the kids about compromising and cooperation.

Before You Go

If you usually cut coupons and check the ads before you go, let the kids help out. Elementary-aged kids will enjoy cutting out the coupons you point out and circling items in the ads that you would like to buy. Older kids may not mind helping to look through your house and making a list of things your family needs. For younger kids that might fight about which certain foods they want when you get to the store, you may want to have them compromise and come to a deal before you leave. Johnny can pick the cereal and Emily can choose which fruit to get.

Make it Fun

For younger kids, you could have them search out the food you need on a certain aisle. “I’m looking for some spaghetti on this aisle. Can you find it?” For older kids & teens, you could even set up a scavenger hunt with clues for the items needed and split them into groups. Who can resist a little competition?

Nutritious Motivation

Perhaps the family could use a little motivation to find some good healthy food? A little bribery can’t hurt. Perhaps agreeing to buy a tub of ice cream if everyone can find two nutritious snacks each. If the family likes fruit salad, but doesn’t especially like to pick up a fruit and eat it, have everyone select one fruit they would like to include in the salad. Some kids actually do like veggies, they just don’t like the green slimy ones – let them pick the veggies they would like.