New Family Registration

Once you sign up, you’ll be able to view activity ideas on Family Points and add points as you complete activities on the individual activity pages. Your total points will be listed on your Family Points page. We encourage you to set goals and rewards with your family when you reach a certain number of points.


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    The more activities you do together, the more points you earn!!

    For every activity your family does together, you earn points. You can set goals as a family for a fun reward once you get to a certain number of points.


    Receive 10 Points for each value:

    Family Unity Service
    Health Educational Spiritual


    You decide which values apply to your activities when you complete them.  The point values we show on the activity pages are suggested values only.  If you can find a way to create a spiritual experience out of a bike ride in the desert, then awesome!  You would earn 30 points – for Family Unity, Health, and Spiritual!

    Step 1

    Become a Family Activity Points member for FREE.

    Sign up at so you can keep track of your points and be eligible to win prizes for various contests.

    Step 2

    Find fun activities that your family can do together on this website.

    We’ve separated the various activity ideas into categories to make it easier for you to find something your family likes.  Rather than suggesting specific activities, we’ve left our suggestions fairly general to keep your imagination flowing so rather than suggesting “play water balloon volleyball by having each team use a blanket to catch the balloons” we suggest “water balloon games”.  But if you are interested in particular activity ideas, you can check out our Pinterest boards.

    Step 3

    Sign in to your members page, browse our activity ideas, and click on the Activity Point buttons that apply to the activity you did.

    In your “My Family Points” page, you’ll find your total points per value, your rank, badges and place on the leaderboards.

    We will occasionally have prizes for families who reach a certain number of points, or for families with the most points in a certain category such as Service or Health.