Star / Cloud Gazing

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Star Gazing/Observatory

A fun free activity to do as a family is go out one crisp clear night, somewhere where the lights of the city don’t pollute the skies, and gaze at the stars. Don’t forget to take along a star chart or download a mobile app to help you find the different constellations. If you want to be able to take a closer look, check out an observatory.

Here are the 2016/2017 meteor shower dates for the United States:

Quadrantids Jan 3-4
Lyrids Apr 21-22
Eta Aquarids May 4-6
Delta Aquarids Jul 28-29
Perseids Aug 11-12
Draconids (<10/hr) Oct 7
Orionids Oct 21-22
Leonids Nov 16-17
Geminids Dec 13-14
Quadrantids Jan 3-4
Lyrids Apr 22-23
Eta Aquarids May 5-7
Delta Aquarids Jul 28-29
Perseids Aug 12-13
Draconids (<10/hr) Oct 7
Taurids Nov 4-5
Leonids Nov 17-18
Geminids Dec 13-14
Ursids Dec 21-22

Click here for more info about these and other lunar events such as solar and lunar eclipses, super moons, etc. for a particular year.