Splash Pads

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Build family unity by playing together and making fun memories
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The kids will get exercise running around from sprinkler to sprinkler

For little ones, splash pads are a great way to play in the water and get some exercise.  There is no water depth so you don’t have to worry keeping the kids afloat if they don’t know how to swim.  There are some that have simple fountains that spring up from the ground while others have above-ground features and interactive sprayers.  The kids love them and even my little 1-yr old had a fun time crawling & toddling toward the emerging fountains.  Some are better for younger children if the sprayers start out small and build up, but some splash pads have sprayers that randomly and suddenly start spraying so it’s funner for the older children, not so much for toddlers.

Find splash pads in your area by doing a search in Google Maps for “splash pad”.